130826 – Louisiana’s Pompeii?

Today’s Items:

U.S. Syrian False Flag Exposed

American backed Al Qaeda lead Syrian terrorists used chemical weapons against Syrian forces near Damascus.     Obama is meeting with his national security team in order to apparently cover up the U.S.’s war-crimes in Syria with another false flag.    This is the likely reason why the Pentagon is preparing a cruise missile attack against Syria.

China’s Demographic Problem

China’s population is aging more rapidly than it is getting rich.    In fact, China’s working-age population peaked last year and has shrunk by 3.45 million year-on-year.     The crux of China’s demographic challenge lies in the fact that, unlike other nations, China’s population will grow old before the majority of it is anywhere near middle-income status, let alone rich.

13 Reasons Why Gold Will Hit 5000 Dollars

Here are a few…
1. Arab Spring and instability across Middle East & North Africa.
2. COMEX vaults going empty.
3. Recognized Dysfunction of U.S. government spending.
4. The West is now running out of physical gold.

It happened Again

JP Morgan has again taken custody of another banks gold.    This time, it is 20,000 ounces from Scotia Mocatta.    On August 7th, it was over 6,400 ounces from HSBC.   If someone suggests that investing in the Stock Market is better than physical gold, I only have one thing to say… It’s a trap!

The More Common Psycho

This video shows different types of psychopaths. See how many types of pychopaths can be directly linked to those in political office.    A nation can survive fools, but it cannot survive the treason from within…     So, nevermind the fictional character Hannibal, be worried about those in Washington D.C. and Central banks now.

CVS Tricks Customers

Unlike Walgreens and Rite-Aid, CVS is tricking its customers into signing away their HIPAA protections in exchange for store credits.    So why does CVS demand that its ExtraCare Rewards customers relinquish their medical privacy rights?    The answer is, of course, profit.    Needless to say, a lousy 5 dollar cash reward for every 10 prescriptions is not worth sacrificing medical privacy.

Louisiana Sinkhole

Watch this video that shows the Lousiana Sinkhole swallowing trees whole.     Something big is going to happen there and it isn’t going to be pretty.     Will this sinkhole turn out to be like Pompeii where people saw what was going on, but did not get the hell out?   We will see.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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