130429 – Acceleration of Collapse

Today’s Items:

Bundesbank Declares ‘War’

The Bundesbank unleashed a 29 page point by point assault on every claim made by the European Central Bank’s plan to justify the emergency rescue policies, or Outright Monetary Transactions.    The report borders on economic warfare between Germany and the rest of the EU.    Grab your popcorn, because this may turn out to be a show of power, suspense, and even some stupidity when politicians open their mouths.

Iceland Votes

Five years after Iceland’s economy imploded, voters are about to return the parties widely blamed for the disaster back into power.      Iceland voters are craving change after 5 years of austerity; however, in the same way that Obama brought change to the U.S., it is very likely they are not going to like the change to come if the bankster controlled politicians return to power.

A Gold Mining Company

Until the gold mining industry is prepared to defend itself against market manipulation, they will remain the helpful patsy of the Western central banks and the enemy of its own investors.    It appears that the moment for the gold mining industry defending itself may not be far off.   Officials of Discovery Gold, a gold mining company, commented in a press release suggested market manipulation for the recent drop in the price of gold.    The manipulation is even more apparent when one considers that JP Morgan accounted for 99.3%, or nearly 2 million ounces, of the physical gold sales at the COMEX in the last three months.

Underground Economy

The U.S. official recovery may be Fed monetized fraud; however, the 2 trillion dollar underground, or free market, economy is growing.   You know, the economy that does not have taxes, regulations, and other fabricated blockages to commerce like the official one.    This expanding underground economy presents an big threat to the powers-that-be and to business as usual.     Yes folks, as the official recovery fails, along with the perceived value of the dollar, the bartering and underground marketplace will flourish.

101 Unusual Things To Stock Up On

Here are a few…
1. Clothesline and clothespins
2. Barbed Wire
3. Velcro
4. Chalk and blackboards
5. Manual juicers
6. Wind up clocks
7. Old time photographic equipment

USDA Does Not Check Immigration

Judicial Watch has obtained Spanish-language flyers through the Freedom of Information Act showing that the agency has been aggressively advertising to illegal aliens to obtain free food at taxpayer’s expense.    Added to the fact that Holder stating that amnesty is a civil right, and it becomes even more clear that the acceleration to financial collapse continues.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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