150802 – Obama’s Delusion

Today’s Items:

5 year Plan

Longing for his first love, Communism, Obama lashed out at Congress for not imitating the old Soviet Union by not having a 5 year plan when it comes to federal transportation projects.

Financial Crisis Signs

Here are 5 signs that the next financial crisis will be worse than the one experienced in 2008.
1. America’s Banks are in greater danger than 2007/2008.
2. Even the FDIC admits it can’t handle another banking crisis.
3. The United States government wants your savings.
4. U.S. banks are no longer the safest place to put your money.
5. American businesses dying at a record rate.

11 Red Flags Entering August

Here a few of the red flag events as we enter August.
1. The IMF is indicating that it will not take part in the new Greek debt deal.
2. The Canadian economy has officially entered a new recession.
3. Thanks to Obama, the U.S. coal industry is imploding as some the largest coal producers are declaring bankruptcy.
Speaking of Obama….

Obama’s Medicare and Medicaid Delusion

Obama states that the Medicare and Medicaid program are not in crisis. Experience dictates the default reaction is to always assume everything this clown says is a total lie. As was the case with Obamawreck, he’s depending on the stupidity of the American people not to notice that he’s deliberately steering this ship onto the rocks.

Obama’s 3rd Term Delusion

Obama claims that he could win a third term if he were allowed to run. Yes, he would win if the election machines were rigged like 2012. With that said, a Rasmussen poll shows that only 57% of Democrats would vote for this lying, cross-dressing, doped-up, waste of skin. In all, 63% would reject a third term to this racist Communist. Whew! I’m glad I stayed objective with this one folks.

Planned Parenthood

Hiding behind “patient privacy,” the baby killing butchers, known as Planned Parenthood, are warning news outlets about airing the undercover videos about how this criminal enterprise buys and sells baby parts. Of course, if the patient, or baby, is dead, how can there be privacy rights?

CDC Destroying Evidence

The CDC held a meeting of scientists to decide which piece of evidence to destroy that could link vaccines to autism in African-American children. As a result, the Criminal CDC continues to knowingly endanger the lives of children as they cover it up with scientific fraud.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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