130715 – Starting With Soda?

Today’s Items:

Snowden Revelations

Unlike within the U.S., the Snowden saga has prompted anger from countries around the world.    The revelations have revived a narrative about the dangers of a world dominated by an untrustworthy superpower.    Of course, behind the scenes, what government honestly does not envy the U.S. snooping ability?

U.S. Tax Oppression

According to two German economists, who rate tax systems of countries, the U.S. tax system ranks 94th out of 100….   Right below Zimbabwe.    This is one reason U.S. citizens are ditching passports in record numbers.    The good news is that the U.S. beat out Argentina and Venezuela, two of the world’s most corrupt and despotic nations.


Despite Obama, using a department in the Department of Injustice, to help organize protests against Zimmerman.  Despite CNN illegally airing Zimmerman’s Social Security Number, phone number and address.   Oh, lets not forget NBC’s editing of the 911 tapes.   Despite the prosecution supporting judge presiding over the Kangaroo-like trial.     Zimmerman was found innocent of all charges.   Now we wonder how long it will take before the Obama supported New Black Panthers will pay out the million dollars for Zimmerman so-called capture.    The question now is, is that reward for Zimmerman’s capture dead or alive?  One can easily presume that the Department of Injustice will not place Zimmerman in the Witness Protection Program.

Inflation Is Too Low?

Outgoing Benji Bernanke said that inflation was too low.    He would prefer that the rate of inflation of the bogus inflation index be up around 2%.    Well Benji, if your people would not play with the numbers, you might find inflation to be above 4%.

You Are The Target

According to documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, we have drones, used by the FBI, ICE and other agencies to supposedly protect us by spying on us.    Cities, states and now the federal government are telling us they are watching us 24/7 to to keep us safe.    So look up and smile, you’re targeted on Obama’s kill camera.

Coca-Cola Push

Forget about tea or coffee in the morning — just down a few cans of Coke and you should be good to go.    This is the latest marketing advice to emerge from Coca-Cola.    Maybe, they will hire Brad Pitt, who admitted to feeding his children Coke in the morning before school, as their spokesperson.     Needless to say, ole Bloomberg is not going to be happy with this campaign.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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