120925 – Greeks Need To Drill

Today’s Items:

Greece and Its Oil Reserves

As Greece takes unpopular austerity measures to get their tattered books in order, what is interesting is that no one is talking about the 22 billion barrels, or $9 trillion worth in oil reserves in the Ionian Sea.    This may be one reason that Angela Merkel went from her previously ambivalent stand to save Greece at any cost position.    So, what the Greeks need to do right now is…    Get rid of Central Bankers interference, like Iceland, and then get to work and drill, drill, drill.

Bernanke is Getting Blamed?

Well holy bat crap folks! Monetarist, around the world, are actually beginning to turn on ole “Sugar Daddy” Benji Bernanke.    They are actually blaming him for stopping natural market forces, and creating the great recession or “Bernanke Depression” as they are calling it.    This is odd, since Benji is supposedly the expert on the makings of the “Great Depression.”    Where were these so-called economists for the past few years?    Were they trying on a blue dress, or something?    Of course, lets not forget the politicians, in both political parties, that stood by and cheered Benji on.

Silver Smashed

In less than 5 minutes, 50 percent of the US annual production of silver was dumped onto the markets.    This dropped the price of silver by about two dollars; however, this is only more paper flying.    Remember, JP Morgan is simply taking the actions requested by the Fed err… its clients.

Towns Coin Their Own Currencies

It is not just the US that has competing currencies that run in parallel with the establishment’s main collapsing currenies, there are some in the euro-zone as well.    In fact, one local currency saw a 6 million euro turnover, or a 20 percent change just last year.     As the main fiat currencies race to absolute trash, more and more of local currencies will come into existence.

Americans Are Literally Being Worked To Death

In the 70’s, the average American worked about 35 hours a week.    Today, if one has a full-time job, they work, on average, 46 hours and this does not include about 7 hours checking emails.    Many Americans are not working 60 or 70 hours per week because they want to.    Many are doing it because that is what they must do just to survive.    Needless to say, all this work is causing physical and emotional stress that leads to death.    If this describes you, you may need a vacation….    If you can afford it.

California Vote Against GMO

On November 6th, Californians will be voting on Proposition 37, which force mandatory labeling of genetically-modified organisms on  food labels.    Many so-called natural companies, which are subsidiaries of larger corporations, are against this because their product is not a natural as they claim.    With that in mind, Californians will hopefully vote for life and tell Nestle, Pepsi, Kraft, Kelloggs, and others exactly where to stick their stealth GMO foods.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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