130921 – BIS Announces Crash

Today’s Items:

Bank for International Settlements

Officials at the The Bank for International Settlements say that the current global credit excess is like before the Lehman bankruptcy, but even worse.   The fact is, none of the problems are being addressed because it would end the ponzi game.    At least U.S. Banks are optimistic…

Just One Day

What a difference one day and one person makes.    A week ago, Goldman Sucks was bearish on gold saying it was going to 1000 dollars an ounce.    Now, they are joined by JP Morgan and Bank of America in turning bullish on precious metals.

Halliburton Pleads Guilty

Officals at Halliburton, which is valued at 14 billion dollars, have plead guilty in a Louisiana district court, and received only a 200,000 dollar fine, for intentionally destroying evidence in the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.   So,how much was the judge paid off?

Obama Tantrum

The House of Representatives has voted, effectively along party lines to keep the government going and defund Obamacare.    Expect Obama, the Senate, and the media to run Banana Republic stories on how horrible it will be without Obamacare.    So, if you have a T.V., sit back and watch the type of comedy that only these psychos can provide.

Tapering Was A Hoax

For months, Benji Bernanke was stating that the Fed would taper its counterfeiting operation; however, as many found out the other day, this just did not happen.    If the Fed was not going to taper with a phony growing economy, how could it in an economy now viewed a going down?    It is simple, the Fed itself is now the bubble and they are losing credibility.

TED Goes To The Dark-side

The group that organizes “Ted talks” will no longer allow, what they call pseudoscience topics, to be given.    Since they are banning topics, like GMO’s, their credibility is history.

Real Honey

Although I’m unable to sponsor this company at this time, I thought it important to tell everyone how important it is to have real honey, that is gravity filtered, still holds all of its pollen, enzymes, and nutrients and is better than what is found in stores.    If you can, please help this small independent business out by reviewing what they have on their site.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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