160515 – Spot the Liar

Today’s Items:

High Bar

With the worldwide economic crisis worsening, Janet Yellen, in a letter to a Congressman, will not rule out negative interest rates. Of course, she states that there will be a high bar before resorting to negative interest rates. The question is, what bar? The bar used in paying Limbo?

Shrinking Middle Class

The share of middle-income households declined in 90% of the country’s 229 metro areas between 2000 and 2014. And do not look for unions to help since private pensions, like the one run by the Teamsters, are going bankrupt with the expectation of taxpayer-funded bailoutsTeamsters, are going bankrupt with the expectation of taxpayer-funded bailouts.

Spot the Liar

According to the Fed, the labor market conditions have contracted for the past four months; however, the Labor department proclaims non-farm payrolls continue to improve. So, in this case, can you spot the liar?

Gold Trade Infographic

Please review this infographic on gold trade that is has statistics like there is 600 times more gold traded in one day in London than is produced in one day. This, along with other facts, show that the current gold trade is a fraud.

Criminal Investigation

FBI agents, who needed additional security clearances to see the classified files found on the Hillary’s non-secured email server, will be interviewing Hillary Clinton in the coming weeks. In the meantime, FBI Director James Comey stated they are conducting an investigation and not, as Hillary describes, a ‘security inquiry.’ A term that the director is not familiar with.

Too White

White House National Security Adviser bigot Susy Rice stated that National Security Agencies are too white. She’d would rather have a diverse group of incompetent fools than a qualified group ensuring national security because she believes there is groupthink with only white people.

Legalized Bribes

The FDA wants Congress to officially sanction acts of bribery by allowing this agency to impose a ‘user fee’ for drug approval that rewards the highest bidder. Yes, this agency, that has been more concerned with money than safety, will fast-track any drug, whether safe or not, if the price is right.

We Rock at Writing Rules

EPA administrator Gina McCarthy, states that her agency rocks at writing rules. You know… the rules that nearly killed the coal industry without merit.rules that nearly killed the coal industry without merit. They rock alright… Like they came from underneath one.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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