140327 – Solar Vortex?

Today’s Items:

Percent for Debt

In 1868, the Ottoman government spent 17% of its entire tax revenue just to pay interest on their debt.    Today, the U.S. is spending 26% of available tax revenue just to pay interest on the debt.     With this comparison, it is pretty easy to see where things are going.

Bottled Air

Remember the canned air gag in Space Balls?     Well, life has imitated art as a Chinese multimillionaire is selling canned air in smog-filled Beijing to provoke awareness of the air situation in that city.

Lost Trust

American and British spy agencies have intentionally weakened security for many decades by infecting millions of computers worldwide with viruses and backdoors for hackers to break into sensitive areas.    Trust is essential for any prosperous economy.     With that in mind, who would seriously want to deal with countries that deploy unregulated, and unaccountable, spy agencies that attack everyone?     These actions have produced a long term economic, political and social distrust and hatred of the U.S. and its spying partners.

North Dakota

North Dakota has recorded the highest personal income growth among all states for the sixth time in the last seven years.    The state’s personal income grew 7.6% in 2013.     Utah ranked behind North Dakota with a 4% growth.     With these two states demographics, it is obvious that the growth had nothing to do with Washington’s disastrous policies.

Food Prices

Forget the bogus CPI index for inflation that states that food inflation is 1.4% so far this year.    The spot price for food prices is up 19%! This will be blamed, yet again, on the weather.      Speaking of the weather…

Solar Vortex

For those that had enough of the B.S. polar vortex story line, get ready for the solar vortex.     Yes, the U.S. Climate Prediction Center issued an El Nino watch.     So, what are the chances that we will hear that the economy will down during the summer because of the weather?

Green Hope?

Things are not looking too good for Democrats in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections.     Obamawreck is a an escalating disaster and they want to get far from it as possible.    Enter Marijuana.     Yes, they believe if they can get enough voters, who want to get high, to vote, they may be able to speed through the election.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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