131108 – Rich Giving Up

Today’s Items:

Euro Interest

A series of economic indicators have forced the European Central Bank to cut interest rates to a record low of 0.25% – which resulted in sending the euro lower.     Of course, one can expect the Fed to debase the dollar further as a response.

Fed Bailout

At 4 trillion dollars in liabilities, the Fed’s balance sheet is making the Fed look increasingly insolvent as it is leveraged at 55 times its net worth.    The Fed can print dollars; however, they cannot print credibility that they are loosing on the world stage.

Bitcoin Is Surging

Just a few months ago, it looked like Bitcoin would crash and burn; however,  like Lazarus, Bitcoin has awakened again.   Reasons range from Bitcoin’s immunity to market manipulation, due to its absolute limited supply, to being a better method to transmit payments.    Yes, Bitcoin has upcoming challenges; however, it should do  well until the internet is taken down, as a last ditch effort, by Central Bankers.

Apple Lists Governments

The U.S. has forbidden Apple from declaring exact figures; however, from the lists allowed, there have been 3000 government requests for personal information, from 31 countries, to Apple.   Of course, if the NSA needs information, they’re more likely to just break into Apple’s database than ask for it.

DHS Prepares for Riots

Despite purchasing riot gear for the stated purpose to control riot situations, officals at the Department of Homeland Insecurity stated they are not getting ready for riots.    In addition, they are silent about their intentions to create their own armed domestic security force with “Top Secret” security clearances.    Hitler also had his own armed domestic security force.

Rich Giving Up

For the second time in a week, an elite art auction has failed for all intent and purpose as it signals a bleak autumn season in New York.     12 of the 46 artworks offered went unsold as sales for one evening totaled 144.2 million dollars – which is far below the 188 million expected.     Perhaps, more and more of the rich realize that art will not get them through what is coming.

Black Market

When you absolutely have to have it, the known 1.8 billion dollar Black Market will have it for you.    Top things being sold are body parts, sperm, exotic animals, drugs, and oil.    For example, in times of record oil prices, crude oil can be sold on the black market for less than half of the legal market.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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