160113 – Shared Sacrifice

Today’s Items:

Rolling On

Never before have we seen a year start like this. China stocks, copper, oil, and junk bonds are continuing to crash. The financial crisis that begun during the second half of last year is greatly accelerating while there many in denial despite the fact that the average stock price has fallen 20%.

Deflationary Pressure

The Royal Bank of Scotland is warning its customers of a major deflationary crisis. In fact, they are warning that oil may collapse down to $16 per barrel. They are not alone in fearing trouble; in that, UBS has also expressed concerns with the ongoing chaos in China.

Expanded Probe

It appears that the FBI probe, that is taking longer than glacier movement, has expanded to involve the criminal enterprise, known as the Clinton Foundation. Of course, at this rate, the FBI will conclude their investigation by January 2018.

Shared Sacrifice

20% of working-age Americans reported they had problems paying their medical bills last year. Those with insurance have had to cut back on vacations, major household purchases, or saw their savings disappear as a result of the non-affordable Obamawreck insurance. Like it or not Obama, it was your politics that got us into this.

Common Core Book Scam

An undercover video shows a self-proclaimed kid-hating textbook sales leader, who was later fired, and a teacher hammering the Common Core program as a ‘money game’ that was invented to sell more books. Of course, this was done at the expense of real education.

One Percent

Land covers 196.9 million square miles of the planet, which is broken up into 196 countries that are home to 7.125 billion people. With this in mind, it is interesting that half of the world’s population is crammed into just 1% of the land area. In short, there is a lot of land left folks!

Planetary Defense

Last September, officials at NASA claimed they knew of no asteroid or comet that was currently on a collision course with Earth. So, why has NASA created a Planetary Defense Coordination Office that will track meteors headed for earth? In fact, the budget to track near earth objects is ten times higher than when Obama took office. Something is up folks!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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