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This is perhaps the best description of euro-bonds that I have seen so far.  It is the fiscal version of co-signing a loan for your unemployed alcoholic cousin who has a gambling problem.  Anyone paying attention can see that bailouts tend to only reward bad past behavior, encourage bad future behavior, and make the debt bubble larger.

“5 Day Bank Holiday” To Prepare For Collapse of Euro

Can the euro survive a Greek exit? Not likely.  Some members of the financial elite have already given up on the entire euro-zone altogether. So, when the euro collapses, plans need to be made; so that, people will not be awakened too quickly; thus, bank holidays.  When completed, perhaps a new currency backed by gold – even partially, with a common central political authority, will come into being.  The results, of course, will be bad for everyone, not prepared, on both sides of the pond.

Dollar Backwardation

Because of the excess of digital dollars, as compared to physical dollars, there may be backwardation of physical dollar bills.  This would be especially true during a bank holiday where there would be glut of unusable electronic deposits, but a shortage of dollar bills.  In addition, in a crisis, people want to move from top to bottom of the pyramid of liquidity where physical gold and silver are; however, there isn’t enough of the stuff at the bottom; therefore, keep stacking.

Media Blackout As Obama Appoints First Ever Assassination Czar

Obama has designated John Brennan as the sole person in charge of designating people to be assassinated.
In addition, to the media blackout, the ACLU lawsuits and requests get denied because the government can neither confirm nor deny the programs exist.  Don’t you just love the most transparent government in American history?

Food Stamp Fraud

Recipients of government cheese err… food stamps err… food benefit cards are selling them on eBay or Craigslist. This fraud is costing $750 million a year and government officials want it stopped.  After all, only big-to-fail banks are allowed to screw the government and get away with it.  More than 46 million people receive food stamps with an average monthly benefit is $132 per person.  With that in mind, the government want states to step up and help stop the abuse.

Electricity Generated from Water

Leading academic and industry experts have validated a new process that directly produces electric energy from the conversion of water vapor to a new, more stable form of Hydrogen.  The capital costs are estimated to be about $100 per kilowatt which is ten times less than of fuel cells.  If put into production, water could be the commodity to own.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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