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Today’s Items:

It Looks Like The Global Economy Is Rolling Over

Export are slowing to Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Add to this, the Dallas FEed and Chicago PMI weak numbers and the air is going out the world’s economic balloon. So, hang on because the ride is going to get more bumpy.

Why U.S. House Prices Won’t Recover

With the huge shadow inventory, is it any wonder that housing prices are dropping like a rock. In fact, after adjusting for inflation, housing prices have actually returned to 1986 levels. That’s because the natural rate of price appreciation for houses is zero after inflation.

The Velocity of Money Is Coming?

Sooner or later there will be tremendous price inflation with the euro and the world’s perceived reserved currency… the U.S. Dollar. The idea, by the Central Banks, may be to create an “order out of chaos” strategy where people will have to use IMF bogus currency.  The only problem with that insane idea is the fact that the BRICS are already using gold as payment for oil.

Missouri Politicians Aim to Simplify Use of Gold as Money

Missouri is trying to follow Utah’s example for gold and silver to be used as money.  This plan is similar to a law passed in Utah, which allows citizens to use a bank card “backed” by physical gold and silver. Another reason to keep stacking.

21 Unanswered Questions That They Don’t Want You To Look Into

Here are a few…
1. Why are federal government agencies stockpiling massive amounts of food and ammunition?
2. Why is Wall Street laying off thousands of workers if the economy is getting better?
3. Why is the Milwaukee Red Cross being told to prepare for an evacuation of Chicago?
4. Why is cesium-137 from the Fukushima nuclear disaster still showing up in milk in Vermont?
Inquiring minds want to know…

5 Men Arrested

As we approach that Reichstag moment, where the U.S. Constitution is totally thrown out the window, we get to enjoy more scare tactics from the FBI, and other government agencies, as 5 men were arrested, and ordered jailed, for planning to blow up a bridge near Cleveland.  Legitimate or propaganda… You decide.

New Obama Slogan

Although unlikely an accident, it turns out that Obama’s re-election slogan “Forward” has had a long association with European Marxism during the 19th and 20th century. Seriously, is any one surprised?

EPA Boss Resigns

Well, Al Armendariz, the EPA regional boss who wanted to crucify oil companies, has resigned. This fool’s resignation is a good start; however, how about an investigation on all of his cases where he may have acted inappropriately and fine him accordingly?

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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