130913 – Where is the Evidence?

Today’s Items:

U.S. Can’t Prove Assad Used Chemical Weapons

U.S. intelligence has yet to uncover evidence that Syrian President Assad directly ordered the chemical attacks.     So, John Frankenstein Kerry, where is that ‘real’ evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons that you claimed?    Either the U.S. intelligence is incompetent and lost that evidence or Kerry was lying like his sugar daddy, Obama.   Since Kerry is so anxious to testify before Congress, let’s get him up there to perjure himself.    One thing is sure, the CIA continues to escalate the tensions by delivering weapons to Al Qaeda err…   the rebels.

Three Signs of An Improving Economy

1. Middle class net worth has fallen 4.9% since 2009.
2. There’s no inflation if one continually buys lower-quality products every time they shop.
3. Only 43.7% of U.S. adults have full-time jobs.
Wait, these aren’t signs of an improving economy!   Unless you are looking at these signs from the White House’s rose-colored perspective…   More of that in a bit.

Military Budget cuts

In some good news, the military is grappling with massive budget cuts and Navy Secretary Ray Mabus warned that across-the-board budget cuts would make it far more difficult to give Obama military options.    You mean Obama will not be able to afford to attack Syria?   Excuse me, with all this warmongering going on, where exactly is the downside here?

Indicted for Perjury?

The co-chairs of the 9/11 cover-up Commission have stated that James Clapper should be indicted for perjury regarding his testimony on the NSA’s spy program.    Well, perhaps James Clapper should not be the only one indicted for crimes.

Unions Are Angry At Obamacare

When the AFL-CIO, Obama’s staunchest supporter, teams up with Republicans against Obamacare, its bad.    Will we soon hear Obama rail against the law named after him?    Will we also soon hear Nancy “Moonbat” Pelosi say that the law needs to be removed now that everyone has finally seen it?    We will see!

Obama Deserves Credit

White House Press Secretary Carney deserves the “straight face” award of the week for trying to spin Obama’s world-wide embarrassment for the Syrian diplomatic disaster into some kind of win.    With their flipped-out logic, maybe Obama could win another Nobel Peace Prize.   Perhaps, the Nobel committee could make up a new category for spineless cowards without ethical standards.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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