130406 – Obamacare Hires ACORN

Today’s Items:

Global Deposit Confiscation

The CEO of Italy’s largest bank stated that uninsured deposits could be used in future bank failures provided global rule-makers agree on a common approach.    This is another reason to get the hell out of banks and into real assets; such as gold and silver.    For example, just imagine if Google were to convert its 48 billion dollar cash hoard into physical gold and silver.   They could then develop a digital crypto-currency, like Bitcoin; however, it would be backed by physical gold.


The media is excited about the unemployment rate dropping to 7.6%; however, that is because the labor force participation rate collapsed to a 30 year low of 63.3%.    The number of people, who dropped out of the labor force, increased by 663,000.    The good news is that the average workweek for employees on private non-farm payrolls increased by 0.1 hours to 34.6 hours.

Obamcare To Create Jobs

Thousands of ACORN workers, that inform pimps and prostitutes how to bypass laws, will be paid 20 taxpayer dollars an hour, to misrepresent Obamacare options to screw Americans, and  likely help illegals, starting October 1st.    Officials in California want 21,000 of these navigators to help guide the ObamaCare Titanic into the financial iceberg.

Tungsten Silver?

Worldwide physical demand for silver is surging and the U.S. Mint may have to halt sales again.    Now, people have to be on the lookout for fake Silver Eagles made of tungsten.   The fakes are slightly thicker and one gram lighter.   In short, be careful when purchasing any physical silver or gold.

A Preview Of When It Hits The Fan

A small Mexican town had enough of a corrupt police force and drug gangs running amok.    To that end, the citizens captured, murdered, and proudly displayed the bodies of men who tried to loot the town.    Now, the town is setting up road blocks, arresting police officers, and searching homes for weapons.    Could this happen in your town…    If there is a fiscal collapse…    Yes, therefore, be prepared accordingly.

DHS Ammo Stockpiling Myth

It may be that all those stories about the DHS stockpiling 1.6 billion rounds of ammo may be overestimated.    In fact, the DHS may have only ordered 800 million rounds, in a variety of calibers, over a five year period.    Of course, when government officials are not honest, then the people have the right to be suspicious.    Vigilance is the price for liberty.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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Hyper Report recommends the reading of Gregory Mannarino’s The Game is Rigged

Today’s Items:

France Doubles Down on Fiscal Insanity

As Spain is downgraded by Fitch to BBB, everyone in the EU is looking for ways to get out the debt pickle; however, politicians in France have decided they can spend their way to prosperity by lowering the retirement from 62 to 60. So, how can we insert the letter “F” into the acronym P.I.I.G.S? Guess we can say F and P.I.I.G.S.

Fed Could Act if Economy Weakens

Wall Street has been waiting with breathless anticipation as their crack daddy Benji Bernake announced that the FED could take action if the economy weakens. Translation: Stocks jumped as everyone is getting ready for more quantitative easing, or money printing. So, get ready for food, oil, and other commodities to go up big time.

The National Debt Isn’t $15 Trillion. It’s $50 Trillion

Measuring America’s debt on an accrual, rather than cash basis, grows the current shortfall from $15.7 trillion to over
$50 trillion. Take note that the World GDP in 2011 was about $70 trillion.

Gold To Be Viewed As Risk Free Asset In This Chaos

Investors are racing here and there trying to find out where global markets are headed. Major Banks in both the Euro-zone and the U.S. are effectively insolvent and are desperate for capital to cover their casino-like losses. We continue to see money flowing into government securities as bond yields come down and an increasing number of people are seeing gold, and other physical commodities like silver, as a ‘risk-free’ asset. In short, after preparing, keep stacking.

Obama’s Third-Party History

Well, it may not be any surprise to anyone with an IQ greater than their shoe size; however, new documents are emerging showing how Obama, the liar-n-charlatan, hid his close affiliation with Chicago Chapter of a socialist party controlled by ACORN. Bet people cannot wait to see what snakes are in Romney’s closet since he also is secretive about his past.

10 Things That We Can Learn About Shortages and Preparation From the Economic Collapse in Greece

Here are a few…
1. Food Shortages
2. Medicine shortages
3. Power shortages
4. Water shortages
See a pattern?

Voters in California Back Pension Cuts for City Workers

In San Diego and San Jose, voters, by about 70%, approved ballot initiatives that cut retirement benefits for city workers. Looks like the voters are waking up to the gravy train that public employees have been on. If only they could cut the spending at the state level; however, that is not going to happen.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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