COVID-19 VAX Testing?

Okay, we have been repeatedly told by the media, politicians, and health experts that this new mRNA Vaccine is the solution to the China Flu (COVID-19) and it has been rigorously evaluated for safety.

In the past, because of research and testing (both short and long term), it may have taken 10 to 15 years before a vaccine is made available to the public; however, with this wonder vaccine, it is ready inside of just 1 year?

Anyway, now, we are told after mass vaccinations have begun in the UK, that people who have a ‘significant history’ of allergic reactions should not get the ‘miracle cure’? Using some critical thinking here, should not the major warnings have been made public PRIOR to distribution? The fact that these warnings are NOW coming so soon after mass injections are started shows that people are the guinea pigs for this stupidity.

With that said, everyone was essentially kept in the dark on the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee presentation on 22 October 2020. On slide 16 of that informative presentation that was not widely reported are a few of the working list of possible adverse event outcomes (Side-affects) of the COVID-19 Vaccines (Subject to change of course) like convulsions, seizures, stroke, autoimmune disease, vaccine enhanced disease, thrombocytopenia, venous thromboembolism, and DEATH. Fun times! Sarc!

Maybe we will find out that this jab will make people sterile?


Evil Intentions Serving G-D

Considering the days we are living in, notice how many forms of entertainment are getting “Woke” and driving many away?   From the NFL to Star Wars, many things that used to take up many hours of our lives are beginning to become so repugnant that people are being driven away.  This is likely a good thing; in that, it hopefully is driving people to Jesus and the things of this world appear to be less and less appealing.  Having Idols (NFL etc…) is forbidden because we have a very jealous G-d.