Prosecutorial Reporting

Make no mistake, because of the social media environment that we live in, the vast majority of so-called journalists no longer report the news, but prosecute the news.

When a news story uses sources close to the investigation, this could easily be the physical distance between the reader and the investigator. For example, I live in Texas. A homeless person on the street in Washington D.C. is a lot closer to a federal investigation than I am; thus, this could be ‘the source’ close to the investigation.

When one reads, hears, or watches a news report, think of the following:

  1. Identify the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY of the story.
  2. Who ULTIMATELY benefits from a story – On the surface, this may be easy; however, this can be the hardest.
  3. Remove opinions and hearsay (Unnamed or Biased Sources )
  4. What is the motive of the news source? Look at other reports put out by this news source and discern their credibility.

Following the four suggestions above for every story read will help in discerning what is truth, a total lie, or somewhere in between – which is the worst because the darkest lie has an element of truth within it.

Shut Up and let DemonCrats and Leftists Look Stupid!

The Democratic leadership has shown that truth is the last thing they want when they decided to call up a convicted liar as their star witness. Anyone, who is subpoenaed for documents and to testify should not turn over any documents – unless there is a warrant with probable cause, and plead the fifth.

It is interesting that both President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu are both subjects of a witch hunt.

Title IX Rule Change

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has revised the rules for Title IX cases.  Under Obama,, colleges and universities did not allow defendants, or their attorney’s, to cross-exam victims which violated the sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

This whole setup by colleges and universities having some form of ‘Star Chamber‘ justice system that violates the U.S. Constitution was and is very scary.

It is natural, that administrators, with advise from their legal counsel, will want to avoid the possibility of embarrassment, or possible charges of neglect for not protecting students, will take the easier route of isolating any defendant from the rest of the student body.

There are three basic rights that all citizens of the United States share… These are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  When public authorities, without legal due process with the use of a real court, infringe on a person’s right, this is clearly illegal.  What right does a public university have to take someone off a sports team for a sexual harassment/assault charge without being found guilty in real court of law?  None, because it infringes that person’s right to pursue happiness.

Just a final thought on this… If a group of lawyers, and administrators, have actively conspired to violate a person’s rights the manner described above, then there everyone involved should be brought up on violating the RICO Act.