Trump is the ‘Fall Guy’

When it comes to global politics, there is no such thing as coincidences. Central Bankers need a ‘Fall Guy’ for when the economic system finally crashes. The Trump victory was a setup for a global financial crisis, already created. The demonstrations will only make it easier for the global narrative that the nation states need to be dissolved in favor of a one world government.
Look for news sources to become more censored to drive out the so-called ‘Fake News’ outlets that foresaw Trump’s election victory by simply reviewing the size of the candidates’ rallies and how the opinion polls were biased, and completely wrong, with higher Democrats and lower Republican and Independent responses. The biased polls, lulled many Hillary supporters to simply not vote because they were misled, by political pundits, entertainers, and the media that Hillary had it in the bag.
With a censored press established, the final curtain will begin to drop with the collapse of the stock market and it will be sudden and catastrophic for savers and pensions (both public and private). To win in any market, you sell when it is high and buy when it is low; thus, with the Stock Market (19000) at record highs, it does not take a genius to see what is coming very soon.
Let’s see how many people can get out of their life-long beliefs and actually do real research on this… I bet it will not be many and if they do, they will rely on corporate media outlets for their ‘research’ and sadly come back with biased results.
Happy Thanksgiving

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