161103 Articles

Articles for Thursday 3 November 2016

Non-Election articles..

  • Wells Fargo Confirms SEC Investigation
    • Well, the criminals at Wells Fargo have confirmed an SEC investigation into their bank’s sales practices and you can bet, based on past experience with Too-Big-For-Jail banks, that everything will just come up rosy and no indictments or penalties.
  • Pharma Hit With $125M Penalty
    • Although this is a drop in the multi-billion dollar scam that Big Pharma controls, they have been hit with a penalty for kickbacks to doctors and falsifying insurance forms.
  • Restaurant Recession
    • Moody’s slashed its operating-profit growth forecast for the restaurant sector. In short, people may not have the disposable income to go out to eat or if they have money, they are not wasting it.
  • No Incidents at UTEP with two months of Campus Carry
    • One of the problems with excessive hyperbole in propaganda is when people experience the reality of what was hyped. They realize someone lied to them. A level of credibility has been lost.  This has happened over and over again, with a repetition that has become boring, as the right to bear arms in self defense is being restored and … nothing happens.

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