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Articles for Tuesday 1 November 2016

  • University Fakes Global Warming Research
    • As the old saying goes… Follow the money. With $37 million dollars of UK taxpayer money since 2008, a research center at the London School of Economics scared the public with fraud.

Just thinking… What if Clinton wins and then, because of health or corruption, has to step down?  Can you imagine Tim Kaine as President?   Talking about RAISING KAINE!  Yuck!


7 thoughts on “161101 Articles

  1. Thank-you Scott , love the articles you report on my Friend. Tried to access your fake Global Warming Article and only received this : Website is offline No cached version of this page is available.
    Error 521 Ray ID: 2fb27c428b002210 • 2016-11-01 21:37:00 UTC
    Web server is down
    Can you please repost or send cached article to my e-mail account ? I have a subscribed channel that does uploads on the Solar Grand Minimum and just know he would love to use this article and give you a shout out / credit for providing it.He has many subscribers so it would be win win for the two of you.
    Peace Y
    Kevin Bauer

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