151216 – 97% Consensus Fraud

Today’s Items:

Financial Crisis

This appears to be the start of a major financial crisis; in that, equities, credit, junk bonds, currencies, and commodities are falling. Financially, the “winners” are going to be the people that pull their money out the fastest as conditions are absolutely perfect for a frightening collapse of U.S. markets as the carnage that we have seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

Obama and ISIS

Despite some gains, U.S.-backed forces have not been able to dislodge ISIS from their major strongholds; thus, Obama went to the Pentagon to toughen his tone to defeat ISIS. Of course, it would be believable if Obama did not miss national security briefings to go play golf. In addition, it makes his lies more transparent when he openly refuses to strike ISIS safe houses most likely because they are manned by CIA terror privateers.

Kerry on Syria

After being caught with CIA operatives in Syria trying to unseat Assad, John ‘Frankenstein’ Kerry told Putin that the U.S. is not seeking Regime Change. Anyway, you kind of have to feel sorry for Putin because he has had to deal with both Kerry and Hillary.

Visa Policy

While American citizens can be arrested for Facebook posts, Obama’s new visa policy would bar Department of Homeland Insecurity personnel from looking at social media postings by visa applicants. If you wanted more terrorists to enter the country, what would you do differently? But, who needs incoming terrorists when 8% of U.S. Muslims believe suicide bombings against civilian targets is justified.

Pundit’s Fantasy

America’s con artists err… political pundits are failing to shape public opinion. A national poll, just released, is showing Trump having the support of 41% while the his closed rival, Ted Cruz, is at 14%. Yet, all we hear is how Cruz is in limelight.

Buying Fresh Air

This may sound like the plot from Spaceballs the movie; however, a Canadian company is selling bottled air to Chinese as the first shipment of 500 bottles sold out in four days. A crate containing 4,000 more pre-bought bottles is making its way to China. All we need now is President Scrooge to complete the picture.

97% Consensus Fraud

The 97% consensus number for global warming comes from just 75 out of 79 scientists that were hand-picked from an email survey in 2008. In addition, 96.2% of those responding scientists to the survey came from North America. Not exactly the global consensus we have been told folks.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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