151021 – The Future Becomes the Past

Today’s Items:

Debt Limit Accident?

Okay folks! Grab your popcorn because Treasury Secretary Jack Lew stated that November 3rd is when extraordinary measures will be exhausted. As a result, traders have begun a panic selling of T-bills as Jack warns of a “terrible” debt limit accident. How the hell does one have a debt limit accident when monitoring spending? Oops, I forgot to whom I was talking about.

Lame-Duck Opportunity

The hopefully outgoing John Boehner, who is responsible for a nearly $4 trillion increase in the national debt, is seeking a compromise with Democrats over raising the debt. In short folks, despite the pubic statements, this stinking sack-of-shit’s last act in office is to give Obama everything he wants.

Tipping Point

Robotic labor is now literally cheaper than human labor, and it is poised to undercut work forces and drive layoffs even further. From truckers to teachers, mass unemployment is a growing danger. For example, there is a 79.7% chance that barbers will automated. In addition, there is a 99% chance that telemarketers will be automated; thus, no guilt in hanging up on them.

Flu Shot

Here are a few of the eight reasons not to get the flu shot…
1. There are neurotoxic ingredients, like mercury, in them.
2. There has been a 4,250% increase in fetal deaths reported.
3. Because of laws put into place, you cannot sue vaccine manufacturers about vaccines.
4. If you get the flu vaccine, expect to get the flu.

Lose Power

How many times have you seen a cashier having trouble doing simple math? Well, if the power goes out, do not expect them to suddenly gain the ability to add things in their minds and use a tax table. I’ve seen a few where they have to take off their shoes just to count to eleven. In short, if there is an EMP situation or an extended power outage, do not expect to be able to buy anything under any circumstances.

Happy HalloThanksMas!

It’s not even Halloween yet and Jersey City has planted their Christmas tree right in front of City Hall. I like the good ole days when we only celebrated one holiday at a time.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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