150813 – Counting Felonies

Today’s Items:

China Needs Exports

Just how many times can China stun the world by devaluing its currency? Fears have been triggered and shockwaves are going through the global markets. A cheaper yuan will help Chinese exports by making them less expensive on overseas markets after China’s July exports crashed 8.3% year over year.

Government Numbers

Both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives certified that they had only 45 employees each in order to sign up for the District of Columbia’s Small Business Obamawreck Exchange; however, 12,359 signed up. Apparently, the entire Washington establishment may meet the criteria for criminal penalties under the RICO Act.

USDA Proud

At $18.8 million, the USDA is proud that food stamp spending at U.S. farmers markets has increased nearly six-fold since 2008. To increase those numbers, the USDA is even providing free wireless equipment; so that, more people can use their food stamp cards there. In the not-to-distant past, society used to be proud that people were able to pay for their own food without government assistance.

Counting Felonies

Let’s count the number of long prison time felonies Planned Parenthood has committed so far that we know of from undercover videos, or investigations done because of them?

1. Selling human organs for profit.
2. Selling human organs without consent.
3. 2nd term abortions.
4. Partial birth abortion.
5. Delivering and murdering live human babies.

Hillary’s Email Company

After the FBI seized Hillary Clinton’s ‘Top Secret’ emails on her rinky dink private server, they visited a Colorado company that handled her private account to gain access to the emails that were already deleted. All we need now is to find out that the company had direct, or indirect, connections with the Chinese.

Bulletproof Trump

If Trump continues to gain popularity while the Republican establishment continues their onslaught on him, he may be the first President, after giving his State of the Union speech, has both political parties give the the opposition response… Assuming we have another election.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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