150719 – Brain Implants

Today’s Items:

24 Nations Facing A Debt Crisis

While everyone has had their eye on Greece, it should be known that 24 countries are currently facing a debt crisis. Here are few… Armenia, Croatia, Grenada, Ireland, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Sudan, Mongolia, and Tanzania.

China’s Gold

It’s inconceivable that China, as per their announcement, only has 1,658 tons of gold when they have been buying up tons of gold each year for years. According to Andrew Maguire, they have accumulated thousands of tons of gold since 2009. In fact, 1,108 and 750 tons were imported into China in 2013 and 2014 respectively. In addition, China is the top gold-producing nation at 450 tons a year.

Pension Shocker

Moody’s has estimated that the 25 largest U.S. public pensions alone have $2 trillion less than they need. Just imagine all of the smaller pensions and one may as well forget pension as a source of retirement income in the near future.

Obama’s Race Database

Unbeknown to most Americans, Obama’s racial bean counters are furiously mining data from their health to places of work. Obama already is using this database to force for his view of “racial and economic justice” on Americans without the consent of Congress or the Courts.

Being Judged

Now, this takes the cake folks! There is a group of people who are living in fear. These people fear coming out because they will be labeled as delusional, immature, unstable, and perhaps wicked. Who are they? Well, they are real-life vampires who consume small amounts of human or animal blood.

Muslim Cemetery

A proposal for a cemetery operated by the Islamic Association of Collin County, Texas, was greeted with fear and condemnation. Don’t these Muslims know there are millions of feral hogs all over Texas? Why do they not just have more sea burials that we keep hearing about—despite the fact that Mohammed was probably never near the ocean.

Microscopic Brain Implants

Researchers from Berkeley have come up with a concept called ‘neural dust’ that can be implanted into people’s brains for data collection purposes. The government-funded implantable brain chips will read and control people’s thoughts. In addition, this microscopic chip is powered by special piezoelectric materials; thus, it does not require a recharge, which means once it’s there, it’s there for good.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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