150705 – Banker Haircut

Today’s Items:

Austrian Petition

In Austria, the threshold of voters on a petition has been reached; such that, there will be a debate in the Austrian Parliament over exiting the Euro and the EU. When there is a misconception that austerity is good and inflation is bad, it is time to get off the EU idiotic pony express to hell.

Banker Haircut

Greek banks are considering a haircut on all deposits greater than 8,000 euros to implement capital controls in a futile attempt to stem the flow of cash withdrawals. Why would anyone have left any money in a Greek bank after the last “haircuts?” Stevie Wonder could have seen this coming two years ago. Besides, I prefer to get my haircut from a barber, not a banker as 30% is more like a amputation.

Bullion Direct

Bullion Direct is suspending its operations due to significant transactional delays. With the silver paper futures open interest now officially over 1 billion ounces, the extraordinarily disconnected paper to underlining physical is going to cause the tightest squeeze in human history or a war to cover up the crimes. At any rate, don’t be like the Greece depositors; in that, if you do not have it in your hands, you do not own it.

Texas Gold

Texas is the only state that owns an actual stockpile of gold, according to public sector and financial industry experts. The 5,600 gold bars, worth around $650 million, are currently at a New York bank. Stacked together, the state’s gold occupies about 20 square feet and Texas officials want it stored in the state. Wanting and getting it back to Texas are going to be two different realities.

Hate Speech

Some people believe the following are considered offensive or hate speech…
1. Doing an impression of someone’s dialect or accent.
2. Believing that the most qualified person, regardless of race, should get the job.
3. Thinking that every person, regardless of race, can succeed in society if they work hard enough.
And that slippery slope gets even more step.

Walmart Tanks

Why are there tanks behind a Walmart in Easton Texas? How often do you walk down the street and come across a tank that has chewed up the pavement? Make no mistake, something is going down and it is not going to be good.

Media Biased

In a recent survey, 70% of American believe that the news media does not try to report the news without bias. Gee, I’m shocked that the percentage was not higher.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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