150514 – Water Crisis

Today’s Items:

Worst Sovereign Debt Crisis

The largest and worst sovereign debt crisis, ever, is rapidly approaching and there are three things you should know… First, and most obvious, government bond markets are headed into the abyss. Next, gold and commodities generally, at the beginning stage of the crisis, will remain caught in deflation. Finally, once commodities reach their lows in a panic sell off, they will take flight to the upside in a massive new bull market.

36 Percent

Of the estimated 321 million people in the U.S., 69%, of whom are made up mainly children, cannot work. 17 million are unemployed and 93 million are not in the labor force. Of those working, 32 million are government employees which leaves 109 million, or 34%, supporting the U.S. economy.

Obama Versus Fox

Obama, who said that the wealthy are society’s lottery winners, wants to “change how the media reports.” Of course, he is using the poor, that is he is so found of, since he helped create a record number under his reign of terror. So, here comes a Ministry of Truth?

Exchange Implosion

Despite $205 million in federal taxpayer funding, Hawaii’s Obamawreck exchange will soon shut down. Since its implementation, the exchange has failed to become financially viable as only 8,592 people enrolled – meaning these idiots spent almost $23,899 on its website for each individual enrolled. Hawaii now joins Oregon, Massachusetts, Maryland, Vermont, New Mexico, and Nevada as cautionary tales in communistic government like central planning.

Water Crisis

As I sit here in East Texas rejoicing in every drop of rain, the western part of the U.S. is being hit with the worst drought in 1200 years. Water rationing could soon be a reality, not only in California, but in Arizona and Nevada as well. In addition, the Colorado River no longer reaches the ocean. Now, thanks to a century of government meddling, reports of water theft are becoming increasingly common in California.

Questions for Hillary Clinton

For 20 days, no question, from the press, has been answered by Hillary Clinton. Of course, she has answered many questions from the folks at Chipotles. Questions like “May I help you? Are you ready to order? Is your Arab girlfriend paying?”

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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