141030 – Desperate Measures

Today’s Items:

Volcanic Gold Demand

In the last three weeks alone, Chinese wholesale gold demand has surpassed 165 tons.    Now, why would the Chinese be buying something that the price has been suppressed err…  going down?    Could the newest reason be because Alan Greenspan essentially said that Quantitative Easy failed to help the economy?

Stress Test

Officials at the European Central Bank say 13 of the 130 largest banks flunked an in-depth stress test, that was based on theory and not reality.    The test revealed that under ‘PERFECT’ conditions that EU banks still face a capital shortfall.

What Inflation?

If you believe the media pundits and politicians, we have very little inflation unless one buys butter, beef, meat, fresh fruits, or whole milk.     Those items have increased anywhere between 3 to 10 times that of the average hourly wage.

Confidence In Hope?

Consumer confidence surged to an indexed high of 94.5 –   The highest since October of 2007.    The surge in the data was purely due to a huge spike in future expectations from 83.7 to 95 –  The highest since February of 2011.    How do people, who are unlikely to buy a new car, major appliance, or a house in the next 6 months believe they will see a surge in their income?

CYA on Ebola?

Mythbusters demonstrated that sneezes can nail people from 17 feet away and the CDC admitted that flu infected droplets can travel 6 feet; however, we are supposed to believe that Ebola infected droplets will only travel 3 feet?    Meanwhile, big pharma is seeking legal immunity for damages, and perhaps deaths, as a result of their experimental Ebola poisons err… vaccines.

Various Sources

Aside from Hillary’s recent “Don’t let anybody tell you that corporations and businesses create jobs” quote, here a three more to ponder…
1. We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.
2. I certainly think the free-market has failed.
3. We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.
At worst, she appears to be a communist, at best, a fraud and a liar.

Plunge Protection Team

The stock market has been dropping hundreds of points in just a few hours just to rise again right before the final bell.    According to John Crudele, this is only possible because of government intervention.    Just imagine the situation right after the midterm elections.

Desperate Measures

The desperation of retailers grows by the day as retailers began putting out their Christmas decorations before Halloween.    Who knows, at this rate, they may have Valentines decorations up by Thanksgiving.

Eugenicists Rejoice

In the black community in New York City, births were outnumbered by abortions.     Overall, 42.4% of abortions in the city were of black children; another 31% came from the Hispanic community.    So, is this choice or soft genocide?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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