141006 – Wealth Wipe Out

Today’s Items:

Greece Again

Remember when Greece, in 2010, launched Europe’s sovereign solvency crisis?    Well, according to S&P, Greece will be in default within 15 months.    This will, of course, lead to another Eurozone collapse.

Why is Anyone Listening to the CDC?

When the CDC Director first states that Ebola can only be spread by direct physical contact and then a minute later, when asked about sneezes, states that one should be concerned if within 3 feet, should not everyone question what is coming out of the CDC?   The CDC is apparently contributing to the spread of ignorance about Ebola.

Wealth Wipe Out

According to Andrew Huszar, former Fed member and former Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, people’s careful savings of a lifetime could be wiped out in the blink of an eye if we go into another 2008-style meltdown and the Fed creates currency without limit.    The average American lost about 40% of their wealth after 2008; therefore, just imagine another 2008 collapse.   Especially, when the global Debt-to-GDP ratio has gone from 180% in 2008 to 212% today.

Abuse of Discretion

A U.S. District Judge, after the state of Oklahoma brought suit, ruled that the IRS abused their power by paying out billions of dollars in tax credits and subsidies without Congressional authorization.    Of course, since when do laws mean anything to the lawless IRS?

Job Additions

4 out of 5 job additions in September were of the lowest quality, and paying, jobs possible. Yet, we are told that the economy is improving because we are getting closer to midterms.     Speaking of the economy…

Economic Collapse Charts

Pleae watch this well-researched video that utilizes three charts; such as the GDP and stocks, and other information, that confirms that the global economic collapse has already begun.

Organic Standards Board

The bastards at the USDA are secretly appointing corporate factory farm executives to the Organic Standards Board.    Needless to say, with this blatant conflict of interest, it will not be long before GMO foods are miraculously declared as organic.

Peanut Antigen

Peanut oil has been used in vaccines since the 1960s and manufacturers are allowed to leave this information off the package inserts.     Because of this, peanut allergies are the body’s immune response reacting from being injected with peanut oil in vaccines for years.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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