140926 – Economic Snapshot

Today’s Items:

U.S. Debts

According to Michael Pento, despite the propaganda, what is really happening in the U.S. is terrifying.    By the end of 2014, total U.S. credit card debt is expected to rise by 54.8 billion dollars.    Almost 19% of student loan borrowers owe more than 50,000 dollars as opposed to 6% in 2001.    Student loan debt, at 1.2 trillion dollars, is larger than credit card and auto loan debt.    The average vehicle loan soared to a record high of over 27,000 dollars.

Economic Snapshot

The good news is that the national debt is only 17 trillion dollars and is growing by leaps and bounds.    The bad news is that unfunded liabilities, like Social Security, now stands at about 240 trillion dollars.    In addition, banks are in debt to the tune of 1 quadrillion dollars in the ponzi scheme of credit swap derivatives.      If the estimated value of the planet is merely 100 trillion dollars, how does one pay all of this debt off?

Ebola Pandemic

The Ebola crisis is fast approaching a point of no return as the number of Ebola cases in Liberia and Sierra Leone is approximately doubling every 20 days.    The fatality rate for this Ebola outbreak has risen to 71% and if it continues to spread like wildfire, it may spread globally.    At least the news is not as bad as Apple puling its latest IOS because it causes the iPhone 6 to crash.

Eric’s Departure

Eric Holder, who presided over possibly the most corrupt Department of Justice, is looking to find a quick exit.   With that said, the contempt of Congress case against this sitting Cabinet member will proceed.    Maybe, he’ll will be wearing an orange jumpsuit soon?

Poor Lois Lerner

Lois Lerner is very sad.    She has become the poster-child of why Americans hate the IRS. Employers will not hire this former dental hygienist who invoked the Fifth in regards to the IRS scandal.    When lawmakers in both political parties are blaming you Lois, what do you expect?

Statistics Spin

As unbelievable as it may sound, reporters at the AP actually identified how Obama was spinning facts.    For instance, how can a plan announced in 2013 affect reduced emissions in 2012?    Also, did you know that, according to Obama, Europe is a country?

7 Reasons to Ditch Big Pharma Antibiotics

Here are a few…
1. Weakens the immune system.
2. There are recurring infections
3. There are cancer links

Driver’s Licenses

Fake driver’s licenses, from China, are flooding the U.S. market and could pose a real threat. Perhaps they may be good enough to get a person on an airplane.    Of course, that doesn’t matter since illegal aliens do not need ID’s to board planes.    Could this have been initiated by certain elements in the U.S. government to blur the line even more for illegal aliens for amnesty?

5 Survivor Traits

Without going into any detail, here are the five survivor traits that make a prepper successful…
1. Knowing when to lead and when to listen.
2. Being able to budget.
3. Appreciate a challenge.
4. Enjoys gardening.
5. Confidently take risks.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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