140623 – Contempt

Today’s Items:

Fantasy Will End

According to Michael Pento, central banks have fallen into a passionate love affair with inflation and asset bubbles.    Wall Street and Washington have duped most investors into believing the fairy tale of the benefits of overprinting and negative interest rates.     He goes on to say that the government’s fantasy will end in a catastrophe for markets and the economy.   To that end, make sure you, and your loved ones, are ready.

Dead Last

We have the most expensive health care system in the world, but it is far from the best.     The 10 countries of the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, France, New Zealand, Norway, and Canada are doing a better job spending less money.    Yet, another benefit of Obamawreck folks!


There were audible gasps when the IRS Commissioner told Congress that Lerner’s hard drive was melted down and trashed.     In addition, he would not apologize for the apparent obstruction of justice with the destruction of the hard drive by the agency he oversees.   For that reason, and so many others, the IRS should be abolished.


First, it was the IRS and the so-called destruction of 28 months of emails, now the EPA has been held in contempt of court for the destruction of computer files.      Despite a court order otherwise, EPA officials have admitted to wiping out files from top EPA staff, like Browner.    This behavior will keep continue to worsen until the people responsible are legally incarcerated for life.    Makes one wish we could bring back tarring and feathering.

6 Spices That Reduce Risk of Cancer

Here they are without going into detail:
1. Cumin
2. Oregano
3. Ginger – and I don’t mean the one from Gilligan’s Island
4. Saffron
5. Cinnamon
6. Fennel


While Obama claims that his answer to his enemies, or Americans, are drones, 400 military drones have crashed worldwide since 2001.   This includes the nearly 400 pound one that crashed near an elementary school in Pennsylvania.    Just imagine the excitement as Amazon drones start falling out of the sky after their paid lobbyists bribe err… convince Congress to support drone delivery.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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