140529 – Fictional Economics

Today’s Items:

China Gold Maneuvers

Last year, China overcame India as the world’s top gold importer, and gold jewelry and investment demand rose to a reported record of 1,065.8 tons.     Now, China is inviting foreign banks and gold producers to take part in a global gold exchange in Shanghai that could challenge the U.S. and the UK in the manipulated gold price market.

Pure Fiction

Repetitive rounds of QE, competitive currency debasement, zero interest rates, and bubbles demonstrate things are bad.    Now, Jürgen Stark, former vice president of the Bundesbank, and also former chief economist of the European Central Bank, essentially described the financial system as out of control – Or better yet… Pure fiction.

Food Prices

The cost of basic foods keep rising, despite the official lies that inflation is essentially near-zero.    While many blame inflation or the weather, food prices move in lockstep with the price of oil.     The influences of monetary inflation and supply and demand show up in food via the price of oil.     In other words, regardless of what we eat, we’re actually eating oil.

Who’s Buying

With the Fed having tapered its liquidity injections into the stock market from 85 billion dollars to “only” 45 billion dollars per month, who is buying those stocks.    According to the most recent CapitalIQ data, the single biggest buyer of stocks in the first quarter was none other than the companies of the S&P500 themselves.     By doing this, these companies can reduce the number of shares outstanding and increase the earnings per share ratio to appear more attractive to investors.

VA in Phoenix

1,700 veterans in the VA’s Phoenix Health Care System, who are seeking medical treatment, have yet to be put on a wait list by the VA.     If this is just Phoenix numbers, how about the rest of the nation?     So apparently, Vets have put their lives on the line and now the VA will manipulate the data to show no Vets in line?

Google Car

Google is planning to make 100 prototype cars that drive themselves with no steering wheel, pedals, and just a button for stop and go.     Perhaps, the only chrome on that car will likely be the browser and if it is Windows-based, it really will be the blue screen of death.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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