140505 – Common Core Rebellion

Today’s Items:

Big Ears

Even though Obama may have gynormous ears, that is nothing compared to the NSA’s as they have not stopped listening in on German officials like Merkel.     Is it any wonder that Merkel said that full trust had not been restored between the U.S. and Germany.     And this is the way the U.S. treats its allies.   Yikes!

China Housing Bubble

A leaked recording from China’s biggest property developer indicates that China has reached its capacity limit for new construction of residential projects.    So, when China’s market bubble pops, everyone will feel the affects.

Italy’s Gold

Italy’s central bank recently published a report indicating that the New York Fed has over 1,000 tons of Italian gold.     Of course, if they ask for it, they will hear… And it’s Gone!

Silver Misinformation

The CME spin was spectacular; in that, the actually claimed that overall 2013 silver investment demand fell despite official coin sales increasing 30 to 40 million ounces.

Unemployment Rate

The official unemployment rate dropped from 6.7 to 6.3%; however, the reason for the drop three times as many people dropped out of the labor force than joined it.     The civilian labor force dropped by 806,000 last month and the 91.6 million Americans were not in the labor force as the labor force participation rate dropped to 62.8%.    In addition, women not in the labor force has hit a record high of 55.1 million.    Get ready for more stock market highs.

Edited Recordings

Two months have elapsed since Malaysian Airlines MH370 disappeared.    Now, it appears, with background noises and long gaps, to a audio-video forensic expert, that 7 minutes of released audio recordings were edited.     Another Benghazi-like fraud?

How Many Paid?

Just 2.45 million out of a supposed 8 million Obamawreck enrollees paid their premiums by April 15th.    So, will the government force doctors to see Obamawreck enrollees now?    Fascism sucks!     Speaking of fascism…

Common Core Rebellion

Teachers at a Brooklyn high school became the first in New York to refuse to administer a nationalized standardized Common Core test.    No fewer than half the parents at Prospect Heights have opted their children out of the test.    So, the rebellion against Obama’s apparent fascist activities are gaining steam.    Time to call in those NYPD police that like shoot drunk people for the fun of it?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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