140417 – Integrity MIA

Today’s Items:

Close To Total Collapse

According to Paul Craig Roberts, the U.S. is now close to total collapse.   He says that the American economy is not going to boom because real consumer incomes have been falling.    He goes on to describe how Russian sanctions are pushing the dollar to its systemic collapse.

Food Inflation

Grocery shoppers are seeing massive food inflation…    Corn is up 14%, tomatoes up 19%, grapes up 21% and lettuce is up 24%.   The situation in California is being blamed and everyone should expect food prices to accelerate this year.

Russia Completely Bans GMOs

Monsanto, and other poison distributors, are upset as Russia has officially banned GMO imports.     In fact, Prime Minister Medvedev stated that Russia has enough land to grow enough organic produce for their people.    It appears that Russia has better land management than the U.S. does.     Speaking of land management…

BLM Lies

The Bureau of Land Management’s ongoing dispute was based on protecting  endangered species, chiefly the desert tortoise.     What has been learned is that the Bureau of Land Management had actually been euthanizing scores of endangered tortoises.    Also, it has been discovered that cattle grazing actually helps the tortoises.     In short, the Bureau of Land Management’s case is nothing more than a land grab scheme based on lies.

Hiding The Truth

The Census Bureau, in order to hide the true affects of Obamawreck, are changing their three decades old annual survey on healthcare.    Essentially, they are making moveable goalposts to mask the failure of Obamawreck.

No Integrity

Former Governor Mike Huckabee stated that there’s more freedom in North Korea sometimes than there is in the United States.     Liberties we once took for granted are long gone, such as, walking with non-passengers to an airline gate.    Or the discriminatory practices by the IRS against all who oppose their messiah Obama.     Or the EPA making up regulations and rules, without any data, designed to destroy the U.S. economy.     Or the lies from the BLM and the NSA.

Guaranteed Income

In the face of a sputtering economy, both sides of the political spectrum are reviewing a guaranteed free lunch err.. minimum income program.     Think of it as money for nothing and getting your checks for free…     Sounds like a Dire Straits song; however, if this program goes into affect, a lot of people will, because of inflation, be in dire straits.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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