140411 – Vulnerable Taxpayers

Today’s Items:

Access Denied

U.S. spy bosses have denied a request from Chancellor Angela Merkel to look at her secret NSA file.     Well Angela, now you know what it means to be an American.      Of course, this type of slap in the face will help further strengthen ties between Germany and Russia.

Gas Prices

According to Rick Rule, despite rapidly increasing U.S. and Canadian oil output, the oil price is stubbornly high because of the decline in the output of various large oil producing nations like Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia and Ecuador.

Taxpayer Data at Risk

According to a report by the GAO, the IRS’s computing systems are vulnerable to unauthorized access, alteration, and disclosure.      The IRS may have the same level of pathetic computer security safeguards as the Obamwreck website after they fixed it.     Of course, Obama is trying to reduce his neglect of job responsibility by calling for wage transparency.

Fail to Disclose

After a request, the IRS sent tax documents on a targeted conservative group to the staff of Democratic Representative Cummings, who is vehemently trying to sweep the IRS scandal under the rug.      Cummings failed to disclose and denied the requests; however, public records clearly record otherwise.

Sick Magnet

A new study on the the demographics of Obamawreck enrollees has been released and the results are what any rational person thought it would be.     It is no surprise to learn that the very ill rushed to get coverage once the guaranteed issue went into effect.      Since Obamawreck pools are dominated by the old and sick, next year’s premiums will be far higher to cover this year’s expensive treatments.  So, good riddance as Sebelius resigns; however, her replacement will likely be far worse than her.

ATF Orders

The ATF is planning to take possession of a 160-pound shipment of plastic explosives and blasting wire.     Not by enforcement seizure, but by a purchase order.     So, will we see ATF officials all gussied up in suicide vests soon?

Senate Vote

Senator Mikulski, who voted for the U.N. to destroy the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, is upset that a Senate vote failed to allow women to earn the same pay as men for the same work.     Needless to say, she won’t call out her sugar daddy, Obama, who’s staff has a huge pay disparity between men and women.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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