140326 – Currency Is An IOU

Today’s Items:

BitCoin Is Property

Under a new IRS ruling, BitCoin investors will be treated like stock investors as BitCoin has been declared a property and not as a currency.      This opens up a can of worms for BitCoin investors, who have to report capital gains and losses and keep extensive records.

The Truth Will Emerge

According to Richard Russell, Main Street America is really hurting for cash and income.      He goes on to say that lower income, unemployment and rising prices are a vicious combination which we are seeing now.      He also has no doubt that ultimately, the truth of the real U.S. economy and the stock market will emerge as the Fed’s manipulation has its dire consequences; however, he believes that things will work out.

Currency Is An IOU

The Bank of England let the cat out of the bag with a report that details how central banks can create currency out of thin air.      This dose of honesty throws the theoretical basis for austerity out the window and essentially shows that currency is worthless.     With their ability to make currency out of simple loans, this scam should become obvious to anyone paying attention.     Historically, the Bank of England has tended to be a bellwether; therefore, it will be interesting to see what comes of this revelation.

9 Conspiracies That Happened

Here are a few…
1. People died because the Department of Treasury poisoned alcohol during Prohibition.
2. Military Leaders planned terrorist attacks in the U.S. to support a war with Cuba in 1962.
3. The U.S. government sold weapons to Iran, violating an embargo, and used the money to support Nicaraguan militants.


Among households that earn less than 25,000 dollars a year, about 75% have less than 1,000 dollars saved.     Among the those with six-figure incomes, 40% have saved at least 250,000 dollars and 10% have saved at least one million.     In addition, 12% of those with six-figure incomes have less than 25,000 dollars for retirement.

Drone-assisted Hunting

Hunting in Alaska with the help of drones will be illegal later this year when new regulations take effect.     Does this mean that Obama, and his thugs, will no longer be able to hunt people in Alaska?   Considering that he has already broken so many laws, the answer is a resounding ‘NO!’

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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