140304 – Rising Gas Prices

Today’s Items:

Russia and China

Russians have said China is largely “in agreement” over Ukraine, after the West condemned Moscow for sending troops into the country.      Obama’s plan to squeeze Russia economically may not fair to well with China on board with Russia.

Rent and CPI

It turns out that the rent paid of one’s home covers 23.3% of the CPI calculation basket.    So, with rent at its highest since 2008, one would expect the CPI to go up dramatically.     Guess they will be revising those CPI calculations again; so that, rent may have the same weight as buying a gallon of milk.

Time Running Out

According to Egon von Greyerz, governments and central banks worldwide will print unlimited amounts of money that will lead to a hyperinflationary depression.    Previously, there has only been hyperinflation in individual countries, not worldwide and this will lead to a monetary reset.     For the privileged few, there is still time to buy physical gold and protect wealth, but that time is soon running out.

BitCoin’s Greatest Lesson

Many have, for various reasons, have bought BitCoin as an escape from the ongoing global systemic breakdown of the financial system.      BitCoin has no intrinsic value; however, a perceived value has been hyped to the masses.       When a digital code, which is what BitCoin is, can be hacked and has repeated flash crashes, this should be a clue.      The underlying concept of honest money is one thing; however, it will sadly not be found in BitCoin.

Bypassing Congress

The bastards at the Department of Injustice are at it again.      In their never-ending, and unconstitutional, saga of trying to separate Americans from their guns, they are bypassing Congress and expanding background checks on the purchase of guns based solely on Obama’s Executive Orders in January 2013.     Fortunately, those who are awake have already purchased guns and there is always other means.    For example, building your own guns from parts.

Weather Blamed for Gas Prices

The chilly winter is being blamed for the rising gas prices.      So-called ‘experts’ actually say that the reason is because of a DROP in demand.     So, lets get this straight, both an increase in demand and lack of demand causes gas prices to go up?      Are we supposed to believe that there is a happy medium that makes gas prices go down?     The lies are becoming so apparent.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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