140228 – No Free Lunch

Today’s Items:

Is China Set For A Japan-Style Lost-Decade?

The extent of unproductive investment in China today is much greater than was the case for Japan at a comparable phase of development.      Chinese stocks, that are down 60% from 2007 highs, appear to be saying that there is a significant risk of a major slowdown.      China’s lending surge over the past five years has evoked comparisons to the debt growth in Japan before its lost decade.

The High Price Of Delaying The Default

A fiat money regime suffers from a number of far-reaching economic and ethical flaws.     The burden of debt that accumulates over time in a fiat money regime will become unsustainable.    A fiat money bust can easily develop into a full-scale depression.     Yet, many will turn to central banks to print money to increase credit; however, this will ultimately end in a collapse of the economic system.

What should Congress Do?

In 1821, and again in 1927, the Supreme Court upheld Congress’s right to hold people in contempt and imprison them.      Of course, just because Congress could literally start taking prisoners does not mean that it is a good idea.      So, the question with so many of the Obama cabal openly showing contempt and lying to Congress, why will not the Republicans, who are in the midst of a major civil war with the grassroots movement, in the House, not act?

Get Drug-Tested?

Get this, Republicans want every member in Congress, and Obama, to get drug tested after Congressman Trey Radel was busted for cocaine.     The question is, will they also push to test for mental sanity as well.

Your Restaurant Bill

The next time you go to a non-fast food restaurant, you may want to pay attention to the taxes region of the bill.   Needless to say, if the food did not give you the indigestion, then the portion of the tax addressing Obamawreck will.

Food Packaging Dangers

A new study warns of serious health concerns related to food packaging ingredients.    The synthetic chemicals in our food packages could be doing long-term damage to our health.     The best thing is to avoid them; however, if you still buy food with these food contact packaging, transfer them to natural containers like glass, stainless steel, or wood.

Biden’s New Base

Biden said that Obamawreck gives women a great deal more freedom.      He said that single women with children are only working in a dead-end job because of health insurance.     Yes, he apparently wants these people to become parasites on the community; however, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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