140220 – Big C vs. Cancer

Today’s Items:

Dumping Treasuries

In December, Chinese Treasury holdings plunged by the most in two years as they offloaded some 48 billion dollars in U.S. Treasuries.       At the same time, Japan’s Treasury holdings plunged by 4 billion dollars.     So, as America’s two largest foreign creditors offloaded Treasuries, the entity that came to the U.S. rescue was…     The Fed?    No, actually it was Belgium.    Belgium is in the top 10 countries that own U.S. debt.    Amazing how Belgium, with a GDP of about 484 billion dollars, owns more than 144 billion dollars in U.S. debt.    In the real world, this should be suspicious.    Seriously, make no mistake, the heavy hitters have begun dumping the worthless dollar.

No Minimum-Wage Free Lunch

According to officials in the Congressional Budget Office, if the minimum wage goes up to $10.10 per hour, more than 500,000 jobs will be lost.     Of course, according to Pelosi, these are just “job-locked” workers, yearning to break free from the shackles that bind them to their meager paychecks.     With Obamawreck, they need not worry about the day-to-day drudgeries inflicted upon them in their minimum-wage job.

Government Monitors

If the censoring of news in the U.S. wasn’t bad enough, there appears to be a plan to put government monitors in newsrooms.    These monitors duties would include grilling reporters and editors on what news stories they decide to run.     We are getting one step closer to the “Ministry of Truth‘ folk!

Breaking State Law

James O’Keefe has done what the media used to do yet again.    He has published a video showing Democratic operatives, in Texas, illegally sharing voter information; such as, names, addresses and phone numbers.    So, will Holder obstruct state laws through some twisted logic again?     We will see.

Cows Going Texan

The drought in California is so bad that ranchers are selling their cows to their Texas counterparts.    This may illustrate that Texas is addressing the drought situation better.    So, it appears that ‘Happy Cows‘ are no longer found in California, but in Texas!

Vitamin C Injections

Based on new extraordinary research, it appears that injecting vitamin C intravenously effectively eradicates cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.     The research was conducted in conjunction with conventional chemotherapy treatments, which destroy all cells, both healthy and malignant, eventually leading to patient death.   It’s a good thing that Big Pharma can’t patent Vitamin C!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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