140211 – Lights Out for NSA?

Today’s Items:

Record Gold Demand

For the seventh year, China is the largest producer of gold at 428.16 tons.     Of course, none of it is leaving the country as gold consumption and production in China expanded to record levels as prices slumped.

Global Reset

We have now arrived at the point where it is not the banks, but the countries themselves that are getting in serious financial trouble.    A global debt restructuring will be needed.     This will include a new global reserve system to replace the current failing dollar system, probably before 2020.


As a result of Obamawreck, the struggling U.S. economy will have even fewer workers as millions will fall back on welfare state entitlements.    What makes this scary is that millions now believe this is good as they now feel liberated, or unleashed, from the burden of work.    On top of that is the fact that Chuck Schumer says that now many American workers have freedom.    Guess, they never heard of the saying…    There is no such thing as a free lunch.


With the repeated flash crashes in Bitcoin, one has to wonder what is going on.    The Mt. Gox exchange has found a software bug that affect all Bitcoin transactions to third parties.    Needless to say, a so-called ‘decentralized’ electronic currency that has technology issues is not a good thing.

Superintendent Salary

Even though California schools are failing to educate children, a superintendent, in Los Angeles, has to be paid 663,000 dollars a year.    On top of that, this guy only works 215 days a year and receives a mandatory 9% pay raise each year.     With taxpayer paid benefits like that, I just can’t imagine why California is in such dire straits.

It’s Not Your Imagination

Using microwave technology, this video clearly shows a billboard producing a message that can be heard hundreds of feet away with a microphone.     What is more shocking is that fact that it sounds as if it is coming from within the person’s head.     Pretty scary when you think about it.

Lights Out for NSA?

A Maryland bill, if passed, would deprive the NSA of water and electrical power to their Fort Meade facility.    In addition, it would forbid state universities from partnering with the criminal enterprise on research.    It would punish state employees, companies and local governments that do not obey this bill if it became law.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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