140203 – Economy is Great?

Today’s Items:

Greece Is Back!

It appears that the Greek crisis is about to flare up, yet again…    Euro-zone finance ministers were meeting in Brussels for a secret meeting to discuss mounting concerns over Greece’s bailout.    But get this, representatives of the Greek government were not invited; so that, they do not could not have voice for their future.

World Faces Catastrophic Danger

According to Paul Craig Roberts,  the biggest financial danger is the collapse of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.     If the world’s reserve currency collapses, the payments mechanism everywhere is disrupted, and the reserves of central banks evaporate.     The panic and domestic inflation in the U.S. dwarfs any banking crisis and it appears we are getting nearer to that point.

6 Signs of 2014 Super Crash

Here are a few without going into detail…
1. Market distortions, because QE, are appearing in emerging markets such as Turkey.
2. Manipulation, from LIBOR to gold price fixing, is entering the mainstream public debate.
3. Banks are once again reporting losses as we hear of more banker suicides.

Disposable Income

Real disposable personal income dropped by 0.2% from a month earlier, and plummeted by 2.7% from a year ago.   This was the biggest collapse since the semi-depression in 1974.     Yet, Obama says the economy is great?

American Savings

U.S. consumers funded some 46 billion dollars in spending by burning down their personal savings.    At of end of  December, 2013, total personal savings left were down to 495 billion dollars.    Keep in mind, despite this massive dip in savings to support the holiday season, retailers still reported that they had the worst sales season since 2008.   Yet, Obama says the economy is great?

Walmart Sales Slump

Officials at Walmart stated that bad weather and cuts in food stamp support hurt their profit margin.     Aside from the fact that they need more global warming to help in the bottom line, we have a direct connection between Walmart’s bottom line and the government Food Stamp program that will soon no longer be managed by JP Morgan.

Butter Wins

Good old-fashioned butter sales are up 65%, since 2000, and margarine sales are down significantly.   This is because people are learning that saturated fats from pastured animals is healthy while margarine is so bad that even ants know to avoid it.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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