140130 – No Checks & Balances

Today’s Items:

Nobel Peace Prize?

A Norwegian member of parliament nominated Edward Snowden for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize arguing that his release of classified documents made the world a safer place.     Public outrage, debates and changes in policy have followed in the wake of Snowden’s whistle blowing.    Good or bad, at least he actually did something to get nominated unlike the current liar in the White House.

Dead Bankers Tell No Tales

Similar to the the Great Depression, two top American bankers from JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank have committed suicide as ongoing investigations into both of these apparent criminal enterprises continues.

Treasury IRA’s

Like Obamawreck, we now have another boondoggle of a program unveiled by the Liar and Charlatan.     People can now buy so-called ‘risk-free’ Treasury backed IRA’s.     Soon you may hear…    If you like your retirement account, you can keep your retirement account as long as it is in U.S. Treasuries.     So, will they use the Obamawreck website for enrollment?

History Does Not Lie

According to Stephen Leeb, as the world is in a tremendous mess and in the midst of the escalating conflict and uncertainty, China continues to accumulate physical gold.     If one looks at the flow of gold from West to East, it is unprecedented in all of human history.     While Western pundits scoff, history does not lie.     He goes on to say that history’s great economies were made while on a gold standard, and when it is time, there are going to be massive leaps to the upside as gold hurdles towards 10,000 dollars.

No Check and Balance

In a move designed to impress their dwindling base, Republicans plan to sue Obama for his threat to bypass Congress using Executive Orders.    Yea…   Obama is just shaking with fear from these scum.    Maybe they should sign a “strongly worded” letter.    Anyway, if Obama is willing to ignore Congress, how can anyone believe that he’ll obey the courts?

The Last Bullet You’ll Need

Although it will not penetrate level 3A body armor, the R.I.P. 9mm bullet, that expands upon impact, is an effective one-shot man-stopper.     It can go through sheet rock, plywood or sheet metal.     Look for it to be banned because those 1.6 billion rounds, purchased by the DHS, pale in comparison.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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