140127 – Citizen Defiance

Today’s Items:

Dollar Lending

The European Central Bank, and three other major central banks, will wind down their dollar-lending operations.    Their public claim is the improving market conditions.    Yes, the stock market and Baltic Dry Index keep on going higher and higher… Not!

It’s Unraveling

According to Gerald Celente, the Fed has no plan and is running blind; however, they have to do something because that’s the only thing that is fueling global economic growth.    He added that like pre-World War I, we are seeing everything unravel around us.

FT Recommends ‘Demand Physical’

The Financial Times, that repeatedly mocked and ridiculed gold, is now warning that the pixelated gold, in the form of ETF’s, may break with potentially catastrophic results,     The reason for their turnaround can be traced to Germany not being able to repatriate its own physical gold and the growing evidence that the Fed no longer has the German gold.

New Political Office

Obama has created a new political office.    It will be called the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach.   Gee, I guess ‘Ministry of Truth‘ would have been just too obvious.    At any rate, it is illegal to spend federal money that has not been appropriated for a stated purpose; however, since when do laws mean anything from the ‘Liar and Charlatan‘ Obama?

Citizen Defiance

Those in power, in the state of Connecticut, are finding that their citizens are now ignoring their Marxist gun laws.     When tallied, it was discovered that only 40,000 of the over 1 million guns, in the state, have been registered.    They are now contemplating “amnesty” because their attempt to browbeat the citizens into registering their arms for future confiscation has been a abject failure.

Ban On Owning Farm Animals?

Keeping even one “farm animal” in residential neighborhoods could soon be illegal in Michigan.    That’s because a proposed change to state regulations could strip property owners of the right to keep and raise small numbers of poultry or livestock.    But, my pig, “Sugar-lumps”, is the best watch dog!

Stamp Prices

The U.S. Postal Service raised the price of stamps from 46 to 49 cents.    The hike is the largest increase in consumer postage prices in more than a decade.    Perhaps, there will be less ‘love letters’, for my money, in the mailbox now.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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