140124 – They’re Scared!

Today’s Items:

China Bank Run?

In a scene that will likely be repeated throughout the west, Chinese farmers have been unable to withdraw “hundreds of millions” in deposits within their mutual funds in the last few weeks.    Understand this, anything with counter-party risk, is susceptible to easy, and authorized, theft.

Gold Price Adjusted for Inflation

No investment ever goes straight up or straight down.     From mid-1971 to December 1974, gold rose 471%, then after, dropped 50%.    For gold to hit a new all time high, adjusted for inflation, it would have to clear at least 2,193 dollars per ounce.     In short, gold is nowhere near a peak, adjusted for inflation, and when the next leg up begins, we could see a tremendous move.

A Central Bank Losing Control

The chart of the Turkish Lira collapsing, in relation to the U.S. Dollar’s fraudulent value, is very revealing.    This chart shows the Turkish Central bank actively trying to save their confetti currency multiple times in one day.    Can you just imagine daily Fed briefings describing policy changes of the Fed?

EBay to Accept Bitcoin?

Ebay is now considering allowing customers to use Bitcoin for payment for both eBay and PayPal.     Needless to say, both the government and bankers are not going to like this.     By having these type of recorded transactions, it is now easy to see how one could be taxed for purchases using Bitcoins.   So, how does one pay their taxes in Bitcoins?

U.S. Food Problem

Aside from food not being included in inflation calculations, there are now other problems.    For one, there is a shortage of organic produce.     Making that problem worse is the fact that the ongoing drought in the West, is affecting harvests and cattle herds.    In fact, the size of U.S. cattle herd has gotten smaller for six years in a row and have reached a 61 year low.     This should be incentive to make sure you have a good food source.

They’re Scared!

Obama cronies fear that part of the Obamawreck is so flawed that it could bankrupt insurance companies and destroy their Marxist wet dream.     The problem stems from the non-functioning technology and if the problem is not fixed by mid-March, that is when there is financial harm.    Of course, Obama could just whip out his pen and illegally have the government take over the healthcare system.    Obama will desperately need the debt ceiling to be raised in February to pull this crap off.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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