140114 – Bitcoin ATM’s

Today’s Items:

Mega-Bubbles and the ‘End Game’

According to John Embry, many are beginning to become aware of just how tight the physical gold market is as the biggest fiat printing bubble gets even larger.     Gold and silver manipulation has been intensified dramatically as the end game approaches.

Fed To Probe FOREX

The Federal Reserve is investigating whether traders at the world’s biggest banks rigged benchmark currency rates.    If this sounds a little too fishy, you may be right since the Fed is literally owned by the world’s biggest banks.   In short, we are supposed to believe that bankers are going to police themselves?

Basel Committee Softens Terms

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has agreed to soften some of its proposed capital and liquidity rules.     As a result, bank deposits will be seen as less stable.    Another reason to get your money out of banks and into Credit Unions that are owned by their members.

Beef Prices

Beef prices hit a record high last week and, according to officials at the USDA, beef prices will increase by 2.5 to 3% this year.      As more people start turning to alternatives, like chicken and pork, the rising demand will drive up those prices in the months to come as well.     Of course, road kill is still free as you can eat around the tire tracks.

Bitcoin ATM’s

With over 1,000 new merchants adopting Bitcoin every week, the first Bitcoin ATM is about to debut in New York City.    State regulators with the Department of Financial Services are expected to hold hearings to discuss how the digital currency should be regulated.    Regulated?    The whole idea of Bitcoin is so that it would not be regulated.   Talk about not getting it.

Burger-Flipping Robot

Well, the answer to those minimum wage increases has come.    Restaurant owners, looking for innovative solutions to lower costs, can now obtain a 24 foot gourmet-hamburger-flipping behemoth built by Momentum Machines.     The contraption automatically makes hamburgers to order and if it is widely deployed, it would render those with minimum wage jobs to clean up duties.    Wait!   There’s a robot for that too.

Another Polar Vortex

Get ready folks!   Another ‘Polar Vortex’ is scheduled to hit the U.S. this week.     If this global warming gets any worse, we’re all going to freeze to death!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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