140110 – Dept of Injustice

Today’s Items:

Where is the German Gold?

Almost a year ago, the German government placed a formal request to repatriate their gold from the Fed.     To date, they have repatriated 37 out of the 700 tons of gold and it is not the original gold bars given to the Fed.     The original German gold in the U.S. is apparently gone as it has likely been sold and rehypothecated many times over.     This German gold story only adds intrigue and fuel for the fire.

Opting Out

Federal law 42 Code 18115 has two things you should know…
1. No one is required to participate in the Obamawreck scam.
2. You can’t be fined, or penalized, if you decline to participate in the Obamawreck scam.
So, with conflicting laws, this may be enough to keep this disaster in litigation for years.

Transitional Living Fund

In the same way that food stamps were made less embarrassing with the use of obscure looking debt cards; Representative Shela Jackson Lee wants to rename the Welfare program to ‘Transitional Living Fund.’    Another bait and switch maneuver in an attempt to fool the people into thinking something is different than what it is.  Just like the term liberal being recast as progressive.

Navy Screws Up

When a reporter requested documents related to the Navy Yard Shooting, he mistakenly received internal emails from the Navy’s Freedom of Information public liaison, Robin Patterson, on how to avoid the reporter’s request.    Who says that our government is not transparent?

IRS Probe Head Investigator

The Department of Injustice has named Barbara Bosserman, who donated 6000 dollars to Obama’s Presidential campaigns, to head the investigation into IRS targeting of non-profit groups opposed to Obama.     Gee, I never saw that one coming.     No need for a special prosecutor for this whitewash.

Vetoing Schools?

The bastards at the Department of Injustice have filed a proposal to oversee Louisiana’s school-choice program.     This would give them the ability to veto scholarships given to children to be more race friendly.     Remember when this department actually went after criminals instead of children?     Welcome to Eric Holder’s racial concentration camp.


There appears to be a shortage and the country cannot even supply Velveeta to its’ citizens.    Oh, how the mighty have fallen!    Like Niagara Falls, perhaps the polar vortex froze all the Velveeta trees.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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