140106 – Humanitarian Success?

Today’s Items:

India’s Invincible Love Story With Gold

For India’s population, gold was and will always be money.     The government of India is losing the fight to roll-back centuries of tradition as the Gold Black Market has taken off leaving the government behind.

China Accelerates Gold Push

Unlike the government of India, China is actively encouraging citizens to load up on physical gold.    The possible reason is that citizens may turn in their gold for a new gold-backed currency that has not been issued yet.    So, as the current Chinese currency, and every other global currency, gets inflated away, China will have physical gold, and not paper, to back their next currency.

Constitution Free Zones

A Federal judge, just out of his blue dress, effectively stated that the U.S. Constitution is nullified within 100 miles of the U.S. border when he ruled that U.S. Border Patrol Agents can search, without warrent, personal laptops.

Autonomous Drones Carrying Chemical Weapons

Officials at the U.S. Department of Defense stated that autonomous military drones are set to get stronger chemical weapons.     You know, an autonomous military drone observes a school bus, full of children, stopped at railroad tracks, for some reason, and launches CS gas grenades at the bus.

300 Million Dollars

The State of Oregon spent 300 million dollars to sign up 44 people for Obamawreck.      This undercuts both the idea that state-based exchanges were doing better than the Obamawreck website and because Oregon is solid Democratic state, the opposition cannot be blamed for the  unsuccessful implementation of Obamawreck.

Humanitarian Success?

In direct contradiction to Obama’s lies, a Harvard University study concluded that Medicaid enrollment significantly boosts emergency room visits; thus, increasing costs.     That did not stop MSNBC calling the unconstitutionally changing Obamawreck roll-out a humanitarian success as patients walk out of hospitals without treatment because hospitals cannot determine if patients have insurance or not.    Oh, lets not overlook the fact that if one has a baby, they cannot change their insurance policy.

Non GMO Cheerios?

General Mills will start making some Cheerios without GMO’s.     The brand is expected to be in stores within a few weeks.    They claim that their non-GMO version may contain trace amounts due to contamination in shipping or manufacturing.    So, just how high is a trace amount?    We may never know since many food companies have demonstrated profit over safety when it came to using GMO’s in the first place.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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