131218 – Common Core Threat

Today’s Items:

Value Versus Momentum

There are about 160,000 tons of above-ground gold with an increase, with mining, of 1.7%.    Investors in bullion and speculators in the paper market are pulling in different directions.    It is only a matter of time before derivatives fail completely and the price of physical gold rockets upward.    The key to future gold prices comes down to when Western Central Banks, selling to Asia, stop emptying their gold vaults to support the paper.    To that end, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

CBS Prostitutes For NSA

The NSA is definitely in the last place they really wanted to be….   The Limelight.    In some good news for them, CBS sold themselves, like prostitutes, by giving the agency a BEEP err…   PR job.    On another front, a successful suit showed that the low-life, in the NSA PRISM program, actually sent out emails, using the target, whom they were monitoring, to harass other people.    No wonder, Ed Snowden is saying that the NSA’s culture of indiscriminate global espionage “is collapsing.”

Seizing Assets For Medicaid

In another so-called unintended consequence of Obamawreck, the government can seize people’s assets to pay for care after they are forced into Medicaid via Obamawreck.   In addition, the Obamawreck website has been caught automatically debiting citizen’ bank accounts.    So, the question with this asset confiscation and debiting is if this also applies to those without social security numbers as well?

No Health Benefits

A medical task force has concluded that there are no health benefits to multivitamins.    Amazing how this of research conveniently comes out when the state is going to start paying for things.    What’s next?     New research indicating people never need CPR after nearly drowning?

Parents Threatened

The educational establishment is threatening parents with the removal of their children, through Child Protective Services, if their children do not participate in the Common Curricula or testing.     Despite outrageous threats, parents across the U.S. are disgusted and are rebelling against the error-prone Common Core.

California Gun Database

Many California gun owners are not happy about the new law that preserve information about people’s gun purchases in a California state database.    It’s not like there is a long history of gun confiscation following a registration.     So, since guns are in high demand for Christmas, if you have a relative in California, they may like a gun bought from outside the state.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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