131214 – Self Defence Victory

Today’s Items:

German Gold Price Probe
http://www.ft.com  (Paid Subscription Required)

Germany’s financial regulator is demanding documents from Deutsche Bank as part of an ongoing investigation into gold price manipulation.   Working with other investigators, like the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, there is growing suspicion of gold price manipulation –  Especially after the LIBOR interbank lending scandal was proven true.    Needless to say, the Fed will likely stonewall any investigations.

71% Tax

Solvent governments, with healthy economies, don’t go looking to steal 71% of people’s wealth.    With that in mind, the IMF’s suggestion that the U.S. raise its’ tax rate to 71% should be viewed as sign of desperation.     Some countries are great for holding money, others are great for business and others are great for living.    How do you think the U.S. is holding up?

Comparing Two Cities

Houston has 184 gun stores while Chicago has none.     Houston has 9.6 homicides per 100,000 as opposed to 38.4 in Chicago.     Houston has 0% state income tax while Chicago has 9.3%.     The cost of a one-way U-haul rental is more than 4 times more expensive going to Houston from Chicago than the opposite direction.

Just Not Buying It

January 1st is coming quickly and many, who have signed up for Obamawreck, have not actually purchased it.    Now, in an act of desperation, Obama thugs want insurance companies to pay for their client’s healthcare before the insurance companies have even received a single dime.    Any company that listens to the government, when asked to just fudge it a bit to make it work, is going get what they deserve in the end.

Self Defense Victory

A police officer, and by extension private security employees, are not required to get involved if they feel their life is in danger.   The ability for self defense was the basis of a court ruling against the University of North Florida when they tried to expel and arrest a woman and her son for having a gun in their car while they attended classes there.

Photo-Enforced Speeding Ticket

As per the Constitution, the burden of proof is on the state and not the defendant.    So, a photo, alone, of the license plate of a car speeding is not enough for conviction.    The state must prove the identify of the driver, and without that information, the speeding ticket must be nullified.    At least for now…

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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