131212 – Faking the Fake

Today’s Items:

Hated Asset Class

According to Marc Faber, the asset class that is hated more than gold and silver is cash because everybody knows that the purchasing power of cash is diminishing.     Even though he believes that now is the time to reduce equity positions, it is hard to tell which cash option, like Treasuries or bank deposits, to have in order to buy equity’s after they fall in price.

NSA and Google Cookie Recipe

It is no surprise that the NSA and Google have actively been working together to spy on millions, or billions, of people.     Now, we find that the NSA has been using those convenient Google cookies, deposited in client computers to track location and bolster surveillance.

Staged Show

We are supposed to believe that Apple, Facebook, Google and other compromised U.S. tech giants are genuinely calling on reforms to restore the public’s trust in the internet.    We are supposed to believe them when they say that the state has too much power and they want to return it to the people.     People’s confidence in the internet is fine.  It is confidence in these companies, that betrayed their customers, is the problem.    Especially, since there are now alternatives to their compromised services.

Las Vegas Housing Demand

Las Vegas was the first harbinger to the last housing bubble burst, and now, housing demand in that city has crashed.      Sales are suddenly the weakest levels since 2009.    The next year in Vegas could easily bring a 50% retracement of the past two years historic annualized gains.

Worst Investment College Degrees

Here are a few of the eight college degrees that have the worst return on the investment…   Fine Arts, Sociology, Education, and Psychology.    Here are a few of the eight college degrees that have the best return on the investment…    Maybe…    Math, Biology, and Engineering.   Anyone see a pattern here?

Faking the Fake

The international deaf community is upset over what they say was a fake sign language interpreter used at Mandela’s memorial.    So, without being properly screened by the U.S. Secret Service, we had a fake interpreter flinging his arms about in some weird pattern for a fake president.    It is interesting how we have gone from the Stone Age to the Iron Age to the Modern Age to the Fake Age.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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