131107 – No Job, No Problem

Today’s Items:

Indian Central Bank Vs. Dealers

During this holy time, many dealers in India are selling gold coins…    Even without their Central Bank’s blessing.    They are hoping that the gold ban will be lifted in December; however, this apparently could be the initial line in the sand between the Indian marketplace and the corrupt Indian Central Bank.

Home for Felons

Sebelius has acknowledged that it is likely that a convicted felon could be a navigator for Obamawreck.     So, not only is the copyright infringed Obamawreck website a high-security risk that the White House granted a waiver on, but, if you decide to talk to a navigator instead, be ready to be a victim for identity theft, or some other major crime.

14 Facts About The Internet Stock Bubble

Here are a few examples…
1. Even though Twitter has lost 64.6 million dollars last quarter, it is expected to raise 2 billion dollars with its IPO.
2. Business review website Yelp has never earned a quarterly profit, yet its stock is up 241% this year.
3. Fab.com just raised 165 million dollars from investors even though it recently laid off 44o employees.
Can you say Dot com bubble?

No Job, No Problem

A Wall Street Journal poll reveals that 34.3% of Americans, over the age of 16, do not want a job.    This is up from 30% two decades ago.    Being unemployed, or under-employed is a major problem; however, not even wanting to be employed is an even bigger problem.

Shades of Solyndra

Failing to heed the lessons of the Solyndra debacle, Department of Energy officials kept quiet about their knowledge that a 100 million dollar government-backed electric car charger company, Ecotality, also located in California, would not meet the terms of its taxpayer funding.     They could have tried to  blame this on the government shutdown; except, Ecotality declared bankruptcy in September.    Another black-eye for Obama.

Student Loan Debt

The amount of outstanding student loan debt to the Federal Government has gone from about 119.8 billion dollars in January 2009 to about 674.6 billion dollars today.    This is a 463% increase compared to 76% increase between 2001 and 2009.    It is going to take a lot of burger flipping, by part-time college graduates, to pay off those loans.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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4 thoughts on “131107 – No Job, No Problem

  1. People can create their own jobs, if they get creative. Recycling is a very strong field. There’s always trash to be picked up. Recycling is hard work. Until recently, products were not designed with recycling in mind. One won’t get rich doing recycling, but one will always have a job doing it. That’s job stability, when jobs are being cut everywhere. I own a farm. I don’t have a job, at least in the regular sense. I’m not working 9 to 5.

    • Good for you! I don’t have a job any more either, I have a tiny family farm. I work harder than I ever did “on the clock” and I was always a very hard working employee. But I don’t have a “job” now, I am living a life that has meaning. And it takes work, every day.
      An old friend who owned his own auto shop taught me a valuable truth about self employment: You have a model employee, but an asshole for a boss – lol!

  2. Scott-
    The question is phrased “Do you want a JOB?” and I wonder how many of those who said “No” are people who do not want a job because they want to be self employed or self-reliant. I would have answered that question with a “No.” Had they phrased it “Do you want to find WORK in the field of your training” I wonder what the response would have been.

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