131031 – No Tapering… Duh!

Today’s Items:

Man Enough

Thanks to Ed Snowden, we are witnessing the true character of politicians in Washington.     We are finding out is that Obama and others, like Lindsey Graham, have no character, but are characters.     From the NSA to Obamawreck lies, we know that Obama is not only incompetent, but is simply not “man enough.”    Hell, even Hillary is more of a man than Obama.

Debt?    What Debt?

Representative Hastings introduced H.R. 3293 that would allow the President to increase the national debt limit as he sees fit.     Of course, it would set the stage to default on Social Security beneficiaries without causing a ripple in the financial system.   Speaking of Social Security…


Social Security benefits, for nearly 58 million people, will go up a whopping 1.6%!     The cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, is based upon the governments bogus inflation rate.   Anyone, who goes to the grocery store knows inflation is much higher.   Anyway, in calculating annual inflation, medical costs supposedly only went up 2.5% this year; however, thanks to Obamawreck, it’s a foregone conclusion that it will be many times higher next year.     No wonder Sebelius is throwing herself under the bus to save Obama.   Speaking of Obamawreck…

16 Million Sacrificed and Counting…

So far, 16 million Americans have lost their health coverage because of Obamawreck.    Thanks to useful idiots, like Nancy Pelosi and AARP, America has been given a monstrous tax based on a big lie.     Adding to this, is the fact that the Obamawreck website crashed as Sebilius  was stating that the site has never crashed.

Too Weak To Taper

To make a long story short, officials at the Fed are stating that their intervention, which was allegedly intended to strengthen the economy, that has not worked in the last five years, must continue to strengthen the economy; thus, no tapering.    Now, raise your hand if you are surprised.   There’s always one zombie, probably on food stamps.    Speaking of food stamps…


At midnight tonight, many unaware Americans, who do their Wal-mart shopping when their SNAP EBT cards are reloaded are in for a nasty treat.    It’s definitively not a trick because the temporary boost to SNAP, from the 2009 Recovery Act, ends.    A Household of 4 will see their SNAP benefits drop by 36 dollars.  That means those lap dancers will not be… SNAPing to it.    Get ready for the riots.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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